My software developments

Sometimes I write programs for my purposes, like calculation, simulation, visualisation and visual effects or automatisation. Depending on the challenge, C++, Java, AppleScript or JavaScript is utilised (XHTML, CSS and XML are NOT programming languages!). For visualisation I use OpenGL but sometimes I also use the Apple QuartzComposer for developing concepts.

  • MailWidget


    This is a widget for the Apple Dashboard which checks your Apple Mail accounts. It is written entirely in JavaScript.
  • OFF-Model Renderer for Quartz Composer

    OFF-Model Renderer for Quartz Composer

    This plug in for Quartz Composer allows you to use 3D models in your compositions.
  • Aqua for everyone

    Aqua for everyone

    A small command line tool which helps to extract graphical elements from the Mac OS X user interface.
  • Scripting Faces in iPhoto '09

    Scripting Faces in iPhoto ‘09

    This is a little AppleScript collection to give you the ability to script faces, places and events.